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Bernedoodle Puppies for Sale: Adoption Terms & Conditions

We are excited to have you join our waiting list for a Bernedoodle puppy.  We do however want to make sure you understand how our waiting list and selection process works before you fully commit to placing a deposit and joining our waiting list.  

Our puppy selection process is handled in order of deposits received, and names are removed from the list as puppies are selected (we reserve the right to first pick).  If you are not able to select a puppy from the most current litter, your name will be moved up on the list for the next planned litter.

If you are searching for a Tri Color (black and tan colors with white trim), be prepared to wait!  They are extremely popular, and are the most requested color on our waiting list.  The advantage of getting on a waiting list is to know you will eventually be moved up the list as families above you make their puppy selection.

We require a $500 deposit for your name to be added to our waiting list.  Once you are committed to our waiting list, the deposits are non-refundable.  They are, however, 100% transferrable to any future litter of your choosing.  If you are not happy with your choices; if the timing is not right for your family; if the desired color, gender, or size is not available; if you choose to purchase a puppy from another breeder; or if you back out for ANY reason, please understand that your deposit will not be refunded - NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you are picking your puppy up in person, your final payment will be due at the time of pickup.  However, if we are shipping your puppy, either by ground or air, your final payment will be due prior to shipment.

Delivery options include: ground shipment with a personal delivery driver (price to be quoted by the driver prior to shipment); airline shipment either in cabin with a nanny, or in cargo (price to be quoted prior to shipment);  or you can pick your new puppy up in person.

Please know that we are fully committed to providing your family with a happy, healthy Bernedoodle puppy, and we can promise you that it will be well worth the wait!

Thank you for considering us for your 

newest family member

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