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Fort Mason Bernedoodles Waiting List Page

In order for your name to be placed on our waiting list, you must first: 

1. Fill out our Puppy Application (found here).

2. Place your Deposit 

For any questions please contact Garland or Joy at 325-347-2482 or email us at:

Standard F1 Waiting List

1st Pick- Jeff MFemale

2nd Pick- Meg S: Female (Sunshine)

3rd Pick- Natalie F: Male (Sunshine)

4th Pick- ​​

5th Pick- ​​

6th Pick -

Miniature F1 Waiting List

1st Pick- Andrew B: Female (Custer)

2nd Pick -Ramsey F: Male

3rd Pick- Minu P: Female (Custer)​​

4th Pick- Yu W: No Gender Preference (Custer)

5th Pick- ​​Julie C: No Gender Preference (Custer)

6th Pick- Erin F: Male

7th Pick- Olivia C: No Gender Preference

8th Pick - Rosemary C: Male (Spring/Summer '24)

9th Pick - Susan L: Female

10th Pick - ​Katelyn B: Female

11th Pick - Claire R: Female

12th Pick - Sheryl K: Female

13th Pick - Crystal G: No Gender Preference

14th Pick -

15th Pick - 


F1B  Waiting List

1st Pick- Cass L: No Gender Preference

2nd Pick- Diana M: No Gender Preference (Medium)

3rd Pick - Michael M: Male (Mini)

4th Pick - 


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