Fort Mason Bernedoodles Waiting List Page

In order for your name to be placed on our waiting list, you must first: 

1. Fill out our Puppy Application (found here).

2. Place your Deposit 

For any questions please contact Garland or Joy at 325-347-2482 or email us at:

Standard F1 Waiting List

1st Pick- Peter G: Male

2nd Pick- Aubrey K: No Gender Preference (Fall)

3rd Pick- Jeff M: Female (Winter ' 22)

4th Pick- Cade W: Female

5th Pick- Nicholas H: Female (2023)

6th Pick - Catherine L: Female (Fall)

7th Pick - Jennifer R: Male (Denver)

8th Pick - Sam R: Female

9th Pick - Saj C: Male (Denver)

10th Pick - Stephen R: No Gender Pref 

11th Pick - Deb J: Female

12th Pick - Adam J: Male

13th Pick - Aziz W: Female

14th Pick - Madison A: Male

15th Pick - Jon L: Male (September)

16th Pick - Anna Kay K: Female

17th Pick - Amy M: Male

18th Pick - Amy M: Female

19th Pick - Drew D: Male

20th Pick - Katherine D: Male

21st Pick - Charlyann W: No Gender Preference

22nd Pick -

Miniature F1 Waiting List

1st Pick- Kyle B: Male

2nd Pick- Donald C: No Gender Preference 

3rd Pick- Mark L: Male 

4th Pick- Merlin B: Female (September)

5th Pick- Allison B: Female (Fall)

6th Pick- Andrew L: No Gender Preference 

7th Pick- Tam O: No Gender Preference (November)

8th Pick - Efren Z: Male (Fall)

9th Pick - Diana M: Female (Spring '23)

10th Pick - Jess G: Male (Summer/Fall '22)

11th Pick - John Paul U: Male (Fall '22)

12th Pick- Allison K: Male

13th Pick - Emily D: No Gender Preference (Fall '22)

14th Pick - Leonardo F: No Gender Preference (Spring '23)

15th Pick -  Peter H: No Gender Preference (Summer '23)

16th Pick - Karin F: Female

17th Pick - Dana M: Female (Fall)

18th Pick - Kate T:No Gender Preference(2023)

19th Pick - Shawn B: Male (Fall)

20th Pick - Lisa C: No Gender Preference (Fall)

21st Pick - Andrew B: No Gender Preference

22nd Pick - Catherine H: Male (Fall)

23rd Pick - Leah B: No Gender Preference (Spring '23)

24th Pick - Barbie B: No Gender Preference (Fall/Winter)

25th Pick - Carlos M: No Gender Preference

26th Pick - Frankie G: Male (Oct/Nov)

27th Pick - Lisa R: Female (September)

28th Pick - Darlene G: No Gender Preference (Fall)

29th Pick - Mary M: No Gender Preference (Fall)

30th Pick - Amber S: Female

31st Pick - Melissa C: Female

32nd Pick - Cassidy B: Male (December)

33rd Pick - Tyler S: Female

34th Pick -Ellen S: Female

35th Pick -Courtney G: Female (Christmas)

36th Pick - Audrey S-M: No Pref  (September)

37th Pick - Macie L: No Gender Pref (December)

38th Pick - Hugo C: Female

39th Pick - 

40th Pick - 

F1B Miniature Waiting List

1st Pick- Amar T: No Gender Preference

2nd Pick-  

3rd Pick- 

4th Pick-

5th Pick -

F1B Standard Waiting List

1st Pick - April S: No Gender Preference

2nd Pick - Vrandita V: Female

3rd Pick- 

4th Pick- 

5th Pick -